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Cherkassy city has 2820 young women listed in a dating site database. It doesn't cost anything to register and start your communication with one of the girls. All services on the website are free and you can not only chat to single girls looking for men, but you can also do video chat via a webcam. There are no limitations to exchange your contact information with those Ukrainian women, so you can get their cell phone numbers and personal e-mails for free. That's the best deal that you can't find anywhere else in the Internet if you are looking for Ukrainian girls from Cherkassy online.

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Cherkassy is a nice city in the center of Ukraine with a rich history. It was one of the Ukrainian cities where cossacks used to live. They 1st mention the city in 1284 and it has about 285 thousand people now. The city is located on Dneper river, and at some places you can hardly see the other bank of the river. City has interesting architecture, but not many old buildings are left there. Most of the city was rebuild. And there only couple of street where you can feel the history. Cherkassy is the capital of the region called Cherkasskaya oblast. Check all Cherkassy women here. You can also check women living in the smaller cities around like Uman, Smela, Zolotonosha and Kanev. Here is a link for girls of Cherkasskaya oblast. There are over million people living in the area. The industry of the Cherkassy is well developed. There is huge park near the river where local people like to go in hot summer time and it's a perfect place for a date with a girl. Universities of Cherkassy attract many young girls from smaller towns who come there to study.

Best way to travel to Cherkassy by flight, train or bus.

Cherkassy is very close to Kiev, the distance between these cities is only 189km and that's 2-3 hours drive by car. Cherkassy has it's own airport, but it only is serving charter flights now. There are many buses between Kiev and Cherkassy, to travel to Cherkassy by bus would take about 4-5 hours. The price for the ticket is about $8-$12 one way. And you can always take a train from Kiev to Cherkassy. It would take less than 5 hours to get to Cherkassy from Kiev by train.

Timetable of trains from Kiev to Cherkassy and back from Cherkassy to Kiev.

Train # Departure Arrival Departure time Arrival time Prices for tickets
platskart coupe lux
148K KIEV CHERKASSY 15:30 20:10 $5 $10 $28
148D CHERKASSY KIEV 06:44 10:28 $5 $10 $28