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First thing you should understand is that girls are girls. Ukraine girls or USA girls, they are still women and in many ways it doesn't really matter where they are coming from. So when you think about different approach in how to date Ukraine girl, don't worry about that much, just apply your skills that you have been using all your life. Sure there are some cultural differences and I will give you some tips you may use dating beautiful Ukrainian women who deserve to be treated in a nice way as their life is really hard and they don't have much time to waste dating many men. Register at this Ukraine women dating site and find your perfect match. It's all free and there will be no limits in you communication with beautiful girls on this dating site. 
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Where to start? Find a place with many single Ukrainian women. There are two ways, look for girls in real life places or you can join one of the many free dating sites. Usually nightclubs are full of hot Ukrainian girls. Most of them are very young. The average age 18-25. There are not so many men going to night clubs, so there will be many girls to choose from. Don't be afraid to approach them even if they are in a group of 2-3 girls at one table. Remember they go to a night club to have fun with friends and maybe meet some nice guy like you. Don't disappoint them in that! Buy them some drinks and talk to them, for sure one of the girls would speak at least some English. Offer to drop them home by taxi, they would love to save money on that and this a good way to have a little trip together and see where they live.

My other option would be to meet Ukrainian girls at shopping centers. Fogert about those who are walking around there buying expensive things, those may only consider you as a walking ATM machine. Look at the women who are working there. They are more simple and smart. From my experience those who work at mobile shops speak more English as they deal with high tech devices. You can go to buy a sim-card for a local phone or a charger. Ask a girl to call your number, because you want to test if it works, nice trick to get her number.

Bring flowers when you go for a date with a girl from Ukraine. All women like that. Remember if you buy roses they must be odd number only. Even number of flowers are for the funerals. Dress well. Jeans are OK, but shorts are not a good style in Ukraine even in Summer. That is more acceptable for a beach party. Be a leader, if there is a question about a restaurant, make it your choice.