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Our dating site will help you to find thousands of single women from Poltava, Ukraine. It is easy to use and all services are for free. So you can contact any girl directly, give her your e-mail address and do video chat with a webcam. This is the most popular dating service in the area, so if you are looking for a place with a lot of profiles this website is the best! Any girl who is thinking about searching for a man online gets registered here sooner or later as it's very popular among local people and not so many know about it on the West, so for a foreign guy there is not much competition. Just click here to sign up and find your perfect match from Poltava! To browse all women from Poltava click here.
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How to get to Poltava, Ukraine. Train, bus or taxi.

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If after corresponding to some girls from Poltava you finally decide to meet them in real, you will have to take a train, bus or taxi to get to that Ukrainian city. Poltava is located between Kiev and Kharkov and there is no airport there. Train is the easiest option and takes about 3 hours, the cost of the ticket from Kiev would be around $25. Travelling by bus is a little longer and will take you about 4 hours and $11 for a ticket. Driving from Kiev to Poltava by taxi will take about 4 hours and a half. Poltava is much closer to Kharkov, so if you are going there you can take a flight to Kharkov airport and travel to Poltava from there.
Map of travelling to Poltava from Kiev by car.