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If you decided to find a nice Russian or Ukrainian girl it doesn't always meet that you need to travel to another country. There are a lot of women on this dating site who are already located in the United Kingdom. It's a good idea to search for those who can speak English and probably live in the same city with you. Here is a link for the list of profiles of Russian girls in UK. There are thousands women registered there and most of them are originally from Russia or Ukraine. They blended into local society, but still keep the values that you are looking for when you search for a girl from Eastern Europe. The website has become very popular in the last few years, so there are also a lot of women from other countries as well. The registration is simple, the website is free and you can chat and exchange all your contact details with women directly.
Anna, 20 y.o. from Kingston upon Hull, UK Ekaterina, 21 y.o. from London, UK Kate, 25 y.o. from Dagenham, UK Julia, 25 y.o. from Bristol, UK Maria, 24 y.o. from Manchester, UK Maria, 25 y.o. from London, UK Svetlana, 24 y.o. from London, UK Svetlana, 28 y.o. from Waltham Abbey, UK

Many families from Ukraine and Russia has moved to United Kingdom in the past years. They still keep in contact with their relatives and try to raise their children teaching them traditional values. So even if they become locals in UK, they still have all the best from Eastern Erope culture.

With the development of international relationships between the Western countries and former USSR it became easier to travel to England. Many universities have exchange programs for their students, so young girls can go to UK and stay there. Most of them go back home, but some like to stay. So this is a good opportunity for you as you can date Russian girls in England who are already there and know the language and want to find a way not to go back home.  

Another way how Ukrainian and Russian girls get to UK is "Au pair" program. This is a kind of cultural exchange program for young people who would like to learn English better and to see lifestyle of families living abroad. The program lasts from 6 months up to 24 months. Young people age 17-30 years old can take part in this program. They come and live with the families that have children and help to take care of them. At the same time they live like part of the family that hosts them and get to know the culture and the language. You can read more about it here Au pair in England

England is famous for its universities that's why a lot of people go there to study. Ukrainians and Russians also value UK educational system. So this also how your women get Great Britain and stay there for few years. Sure most of them come back home, but some find job after graduation and stay to live there forever. You can join this free dating site to find Russian and Ukraine girls in United Kingdom