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With the development of the Internet in Ukraine and Russia, social networking websites became most visited Internet sites. There are two major groups of users, the young ones and older generations. Young people prefer social site that offer them a lot of different options. Older generation mostly register on social sites that help them to keep connected with classmates. Below you can read a short description of different social networks that Ukrainian girls often use to connect with their friends and also to find someone for a date. You can join those social networks, some of them have English interface. Social sites can be a good place to meet new friends and find women. Many girls who are registered at international dating sites also have their real pages in social networtks, so you can easily find them there as well.
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The number one social site in Ukraine is VK.com. The company is based in St.Peterburg. It is most visited website in Ukraine and Russia. There are 45 million visitors a day, the total number of users is over 200 million. Some people think that VK.com was cloned from Facebook, it maybe true, but if you visit the site and register there, you will see that it has easier interface and the website works much faster! VK social site started in 2006 and was positioned as students network, but it became so popular that now everybody think they must have a page there and it's really like having a cell phone in Ukraine. The interface of the website is translated in many languages including English, so it would be easy to use it. The search options have everything you may think about. You can even search for girls who are single and looking for a date and relationships. This is why I love VK.com There are many pay-per-letter type of dating sites and in most cases you are not allowed to get direct contact details and have to spend money everytime you want to talk to a girl on such site. But there is a secret how to go around that! 80%-90% of girls from dating sites have their real social pages on VK.com. And even if you don't have her last name, you can find her on VK having her 1st name only and date of birth, yes, you can do the search there by 1st name only, by date of birth and there are many other search criterias that simply do not exist on any other social site in the Internet. Go to any top dating site, take 10 random girls out there, copy their name and date of birth and do the search on VK.com If those are young girls age 18-25, it is almost for sure you will find all of them. And if you have been talking to some girl on a dating site and found her page on VK.com, try to talk to her there to see if she even knows who you are as sometimes all communication on the datings sites are run by someone else using the photos of pretty girls. This way you can save yourself from most of the gold diggers.

Another popular social site in Ukraine is odnoklassniki.ru If you translate the domain name in English it means classmates. And the main purpose of this social site was to connect classmates. It was probably 1st social project of this kind in former USSR started in 2006. Usually there are older people on that site looking for the classmates who they lost contact with many years ago and it's really a good way to get connected with your old friends. The interface is in Russian and Ukrainian language and no English, so it may be not easy to use it for a foreigner who doesn't know Russian language. The total number of users reached 148 millions in 2012 and it was started in 2006. The website is free to use, but since October 2008 it cost about $1 to create a profile there. And the website itself is pretty slow compare to VK.com

The 3rd biggest social network in Ukraine and Russia is my.mail.ru In Russian language it is called My World. It has over 40 million users and it is owned by Mail.ru company that also owns odnoklassniki.ru This social networks tries to connect everything in one place, mostly those who use free mail service from mail.ru and it integrates odnoklassniki.ru and mamba.ru dating. The interface is in Russian language. The site is pretty hard to use and it can't compete with VK.com But still Mail.ru company is trying to take control over VK.com and already bought about 40% shares of VK.com