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Julia, 24 y.o. from Nikolaev, Ukraine Irina, 31 y.o. from Kiev, Ukraine Blondi, 30 y.o. from Lvov, Ukraine Anna, 23 y.o. from Chernigov, Ukraine Alina, 20 y.o. from Sumy, Ukraine Yulia, 31 y.o. from Lutsk, Ukraine Anna, 20 y.o. from Zhytomir, Ukraine Anya, 25 y.o. from Cherkassy, Ukraine
Just simple facts. There are 2545 profiles of single girls in Sumy age 18-40 looking for men for different reasons, mostly for marriage, some girls are just looking for a date or long term relationships, and some of them just need to meet a men to spend a good time with. If you compare this free dating site to other dating sites well know in Western countries, you will see that the top one only lists 274 profiles of Sumy women, so that hardly covers 10% of all women looking for men online in Sumy. This is a good oportunity for you to use this site to start chatting to real girls from Sumy and talk to them directly.

Quick links to see all girls in Sumy and seach women by age.

Here is a quick link to browse for all women in Sumy. Sumy is the capital of the area and there are about 270 thousands people in total. And that makes it 20th city in Ukraine for the population. The city was founded in 1655, so it has some history. You should also consider checking girls in other cities around Sumy, such as Konotop, Shostka, Ahtyrka and Romny. The total population of the area which is cold Sumskaya oblast is a little over 1 million people. So you can also do the search for all girls listed in Sumskaya oblast. Here is a link for all women in Sumskaya oblast. The Internet service in Sumy is very affordable and many girls have webcams, so you can chat to them and you can also see them live on a camera. The economy of the city is not very good, that's why most of the girls would move out to another country with a man from abroad. It's not a touristic city, not many men travel there to find a wife, so you would have much more chances there as the competition is really low compare to bigger cities like Kiev or Odessa.

How to get to Sumy by flight, train or bus.

Sumy has airport. But unfortunatelly after Soviet Union crashed goverment had no money to support it. And right now there are no flights to Sumy. The airport building is in ruins. So the best way to get to Sumy from Kiev is to take a train, it only takes 5-6 hours. There are also many buses going between Sumy and Kiev.

Timetable of trains from Kiev to Sumy and back from Sumy to Kiev.

Train # Departure Arrival Departure time Arrival time Prices for tickets
platskart coupe lux
126K KIEV SUMY 14:38 20:27 $6 $9 n/a
172S KIEV SUMY 15:24 21:05 $5 $7 n/a
126D SUMY KIEV 04:37 10:10 $6 $9 n/a
171O SUMY KIEV 06:08 11:39 $5 $7 n/a