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In 2012 the marriage law in Ukraine was changed. According to the last changes the age when Ukrainian Women can get married is 18 years old. Before 2012 Ukrainian Women had a right to get married at the age of 17. Before 2012 women could get a right for marriage at the age of 14 by a court desision. After new changes in the marriage law Ukrainian women can get a permission for marriage at the age of 16.
When Ukrainian Women get married? Ukrainian girls usually get married between the age of 21-25 years old. Girls finish school at the age of 17-18 and study at university for 4-5 years, so after they graduate they are ready to start their family or concentrate on their carrier. Most of the women prefer family.

If Ukrainian Woman is not married yet at the age of 25, she starts to get nervous, because there are more and more beautiful young girls and competition is very high. Another problem that women are worried about is their so-called biological clock. It's time to have a child and if wait too long it can be difficult for a woman

Marriage registration. When you decide to get married, you need to go to marriage registration office and apply for your marriage registration. After the application forms are accepted, you have about 30 days before it will be registered. The person at the office should tell you the exact date, usually marriage registration day is Saturday. There are going to be some fees about $40-$50.

Ukrainian Wedding Ring Ukrainian Wedding Ring. Traditionally young couples exchange golden rings when they get married, that is usually done at the marriage registration office during the ceremony. There is one important thing about wedding rings in Ukraine, you should wear it on the same finger but on the right hand. That is same for Ukrainian men and for Ukranian women. On the left you can see traditional Ukrainian wedding ring, it is made from the yellow gold and has smooth surface and shape.

Marriage certificate. After you sign up all documetns at the marriage registration office, you will be given marriage certificate and you will also get a stamp in your passport with your marriage details.

Woman with a child. If you get married to a woman with a child you must have a permission from the biological father in case you want to get a Ukrainian woman and her child to another country, so keep that in mind when you start relationships.