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There is a common myth in the online dating industry that there are much more men in Ukraine than women. Like 1:4. That is true to a certain point. But you should know some facts about this women to men ratio that may change your attitude and you will want to switch from expensive international dating sites to free and that is why popular in Ukraine and Russia dating services. The number of women to men is different in different age groups. And it's more the problem of quality of men in Ukraine. Even if there are many local men available around Ukraine or Russia, for a young girl it's still hard to chose the right one who can provide good life for her and future children. The level of life is still very low, so many girls seriously think about finding something better in Western countries.
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In Ukraine as in any other coutry aroud the world there are more boys than girls born every year. In avarage on every 100 girls there are 107 boys. They often give this information in the news saying something like: "Today there were 33 boys and 30 girls born in Kiev". So what is really going on here? And what happens to Ukrainian men and why there are so many girls online looking for foreign men who are much older than they are?  

  • at birth: 1.06 male(s)/female
  • under 15 years: 1.06 male(s)/female
  • 15–64 years: 0.92 male(s)/female
  • 65 years and over: 0.51 male(s)/female
  • total population: 0.8375 male(s)/female (2008 est.)
The list shows women to men ration listed at Wikipedia The women to men ratio changes as girls and boys in Ukraine grow older. And if you look at statistics in general and compare all women and men in Ukraine, there are 53% of women and 47% of men of all age groups, so it's total population in those numbers. This doesn't look like 4 to 1 at all.

Until the age of 30 the number of women and men in Ukraine is same. But the propotion changes a lot after that. The problem is that Ukrainian men don't live long. The death rate of Ukrainian men is 3-4 times higher than in other European coutries. And by the age of 65+ there 2 women to 1 man in Ukraine. Unfortunatelly, Ukrainian men do not care about their health much, they would rather say nothing and do nothing, but they don't want to look weak and would not go to the doctor, unless their health gets to the critical point when the major damage has already happened.

So the reality is that for young girls 18-28 the women to men ratio is not the main problem in finding a man to marry. The main problem is the quality of Ukrainian men. But that is not because they smoke or drink. Yes, some Ukrainian men smoke and sometimes they drink more than they should. But this is not epidemic in Ukraine and when you travel to Ukraine you will see that most of Ukrainian men are same as in other coutries.

The main problem for Ukranian girls is the quality of Ukrainian men. The girls are trying to find the best guy who would be able to provide high living standarts for the family. The economic situation right now is pretty bad and it has been like this for the last few years. And this is pretty common that young Ukrainian men can not give to the girls what they want and men are not ready to start a family. Young girls at the age of 18-22 usually get married because they fall in love and they don't think much about financial future for the family.

But the situation is very different when girls get older. And for Ukrainian women age 25-28 love is not the main factor any more. Bassically they would still fall in love, but they would fall in love with more financially successful men. Ukrainian women want to have a family and kids. So they need a man who can support them and provide the best for the children. For women in Ukraine it is very hard to find such men who would match all criterias. Men in Ukraine become more financially stable at the age of 30 and above. So if the girl is 25, she would have to look for an older guy who is at least 5-10 years older than her. And there are not many 35 years old guys left. Many of them already got married. Those who are not married yet would probably look at young girls 18-22 who are more attractive. And those young girls are not serious about marriage yet, and they would mostly look for men their age group. So there is big conflict of interest that makes it very hard for Ukrainian girls who are ready for marriage to find good Ukrainian men to marry and start a family.